We are delighted that you are interested in contributing to VocaliD. To date, the VocaliD project has largely been a research effort. This has allowed us to develop the voice morphing technique and test its feasibility. We are now ready to transition this work out of the laboratory for real world impact. There are countless ways you can contribute to give children and adults with speech impairment a unique voice of their own!

There are so many ways to contribute:

1) Voice donor: someone who is willing to record 2-3 hours of speech. See our FAQ for what’s involved.

2) Technical expertise donor: someone who is wiling to share their knowledge and expertise (e.g. speech pathologist, speech scientist, game developer, etc).

3) Business expertise donor: someone who is willing to help us create a business plan and raise funds.

As a first step toward taking this work to the next level, we hope to launch a Voice Drive Campaign. Please tell us a little about you and how we can reach you. Your responses will help us get off the ground.

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